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1 Jun

 >>>>> LUNCHBEAT.ORG <<<<<


Moving Close to Big Buiz

29 Apr

We are getting closer to be celebrating one year of building the most beautiful lunch time tribe and are so stealing a page in Sweden’s main financial newspaper Dagens Industri today. Unfortunatley the article is not avaliable in any digital version, put if you really want to read it a pdf is available.

It is a bit strange to be featured as the concept owner in this way as a lot of focus is put on me as a person. Therefor I just want to be extra clear; Please see Lunch Beat as an idea free to steal, replicate and rework as you please. Some of you also raise worried voices about the events getting too popular. If you are one of those, please feel free to contact me for access to more secluded events.

And now; Make sure to have a great weekend in the sun! / Molly

Finally a Workday Disco!

25 Mar

This Monday we where happy to notice Stockholm covered with a picture of our dancing community. Wow you look beautiful! The article in City propose us to provide “stress-releasing dance for hipsters”.  Well, yes that might just be it. We hope you to come find out what kind of effect furious day clubbin has on you at our next event the 19th of April.

With love & hopes for a week end in the sun / Molly

May I Malmö?

14 Feb

Finally Lunch Beat is coming to Malmö!
The event will take place simultaneously with the Stockholm Session #4 and participants will be able to dance to the same beats in both cities, created by Dj Daniel Odelstad.

After meeting him to get him to tell what he is planning for the first of the three Lunch Beat Spring Sessions, the impression that lasts is a lot of laughter. He is one happy guy and for his mix This Tronic Life a lot of happiness sure is to be expected.

> Lunch Beat Malmö – This Tronic Life will take place on the 22th of February at a location soon to be announced.

> The time is 12-13 sharp.

> Bring a friend, 60SEK in cash and a hunger for recklessness day clubbin’.

> Please BE HONEST in your RSVP on FB status since we buy lunch for you if you say you’ll be there.

With love / M & M

Our crowd is getting louder!

16 Sep

And the music got louder ||

and new faces keept coming down that dirty garage ||

and two of the new girls actually did it –  a special dance performance!

and so the crowd went mad ||

and had a veggie wrap ||

and we are soo looking forward to next time!!

and please have a look at some more pics ||

and please share your own!

Autumn 10 : Lunch Gets Louder

24 Aug

Just a few minutes past lunch time the 15th of June, summer came.
And so the music stopped.
We went to countrysides & beach houses. || We ran to the woods & sang in the rain. || We got messed up & fell asleep to the sound of seagulls’ awakening.

– And now?

We. Are. Back. At. Work.

To ease your autumn headache Lunch Beat dates will be set in just a sec & we are happy to announce that the 3 first DJ’s already have made up their minds on making your lunch just a little louder:

Calle Dernulf – the awesomest Radio guy behind P3 Dans

Neil Seaward – a Paris/Stockholm/Scotland/UK kind of guy who has a passion for urban DJ:ing & keeps on spreading musical tech-house euphoria at f.x Olssons Skor

Swingkid a.k.a M. Palmqvist – who spends his days managing Fasching, & his nights spinning our favourite modern soul & club tunes.

Keep it up. Follow the FB-beat. See you soon oh so lovely.

xx Lunch Beat

& sure we’ve got some moving images too

17 Jun

Our sneakers are fucked, our tees soaked…

15 Jun

…and we can’t wait til next time!

Today Lunch Beat Sthlm opened up for a one hour magic session in an inner city garage. We find it kind of unnecessary to comment any further, but want to send all possible love to the some what 25 people who came and made the magic happen!

Lunch Beat Stockholm 1 by DJ Anthony Action by petterkarlsson

You can find Dj Anthony Action’s 1 hour set at soundcloud and Molly took some more blurry pics.

Since this was a concept try out, we are happy to get your feed back on what to improve until Lunch Beat #2! Please comment or send us an e-mail!

+ YES join our FB-group to stay posted!

And remember; If it’s your second, third or fourth time lunch at Lunch Beat, you have to dance.

Setting the scene

11 Jun

So here we are. On this everything-else-than-extravagaza-hot-spot Lunch Beat #1 will take place in just a couple of days. You can expect lousy sound, a hard & dirty floor and the most lovable company.

As this is a very lo-fi arangement we must ask you to be honest in your RSVP-staus on Facebook since we are buying lunch for you if listed as attending. So if you have planned to show up (yay!) but still is not listed – please sign up as attending. And on the other hand – if you all of a sudden got other plans, please unmark your precense!

We are so much looking forward to dance with you!

With love / Molly & friends

Lunch Beat #1 >> June 15th

27 May

Dear! Finally a date and place is set for the first Lunch Beat Stockholm.

The event will take place June 15th and you will find us just inbetween number 10 & 12 at Olofsgatan in Stockholm, 3 seconds walk from Hötorget.

The event is open for everyone but to make sure we prepare a fresh vegetarian lunch meal for you, please RSVP at FB.  But yes of course we bring a couple of extras, so please feel totally free to bring a friend!

The entrence fee is 60-100 sek at your choice, and pays for your lunch and other small set up costs. We are happy to recive the money in cash.

The music at Lunch Beat #1 will be brought to you by DJ Anthony Action who promise you a electro-oriented set impossible to resist.

The event time is 12.00 – 13.00 with no exception.

And please remember; If it it your first time at Lunch Beat you have to dance!