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1 Jun

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Getting Ready to Be Harder

4 May

Tony is born and raised in Almunge, north of Stockholm. In the late 90’s he left the woods for Uppsala where he for a couple of years was a successful club DJ mostly into hiphop and break beats.

“It was always a pleasure to play, put honestly I can’t say I was anything but happy leaving that town”.

When moving to Stockholm Tony started his carer as a graphic designer and has since then mostly been playing as a inhouse office DJ cheering his colleges up with fresh picks and new releases. He is also a regular lunch beat visitor and comments on his opportunity to make a mix;

I think that the sessions so far has been a little bit too slow. I mean, in my set there will be no time for rest. My ambition is to let the music grow and grow during the entire hour. People leaving Lunch Beat this time will hopefully be exhausted and full of energy at the same time. You could maybe look a stairs to describe my mix, together we will climb higher and higher – kind of suitable for the dance floor with a view right?”

So what kind of music will build this one hour climbing session?

“Mostly electrohouse, disco and dubstep. One of my favourite tracks right now is this one

And when he is not into searching the web for new releases, Tony is collecting furniture form the 50’s and frequently falls in love with people who are really into what ever they are doing.

“The only way of doing something is doing it great. That is the ambition I am putting into the Lunch Beat mix. Looking forward to share it with you all!”

Please join Lunch Beat Stockholm May 24 at Kulturhustaket.

Please know that I fancy you for making this happen with me /Molly

Moving Close to Big Buiz

29 Apr

We are getting closer to be celebrating one year of building the most beautiful lunch time tribe and are so stealing a page in Sweden’s main financial newspaper Dagens Industri today. Unfortunatley the article is not avaliable in any digital version, put if you really want to read it a pdf is available.

It is a bit strange to be featured as the concept owner in this way as a lot of focus is put on me as a person. Therefor I just want to be extra clear; Please see Lunch Beat as an idea free to steal, replicate and rework as you please. Some of you also raise worried voices about the events getting too popular. If you are one of those, please feel free to contact me for access to more secluded events.

And now; Make sure to have a great weekend in the sun! / Molly

On May 24 the Time Has Come for a Roof Top Take Over

20 Apr

Yesterday Lunch Beat Stockholm beat all the records – it was louder, more crowded and burning of heat like ever before. Some one wrote about it, some one else made a film, and the DJ put his mix in the cloud. But most of us just went back to work as if it was an ordinary Tuesday . We all knew it wasn’t.

On May 24 we will meet again. This time at Kulturhustaket at Sergelstorg, Stockholm City.

Please feel free to bring all your colleges and friends, but make sure you all RSVP if you want me to fix a lunch for you. And please don’t forget to introduce our new community members to the Lunch Beat manifesto, and respect that people you meet at LunchBeat in some cases do not want to be recognized by you in any other context.

More info about the event in Malmö will come shortly.

Thank you for making it happen / Molly

April Session : A B-Boy’s Broken Story

10 Apr

Martin Östman is a musician mostly known as his alter ego Emilio, bassist in the contemporary slapstick group Sirqus Alfon. He also makes his own soul music and produces music of various styles. And not to forget, he just loves to Dj his own edits…

For those attending Lunch Beat on the 19th of April in Stockholm or Malmö, a fresh blend of grooves with soulful and wreckless lyrics is to expect. Or as Martin puts it;

“There will be UK funky, twostep, hip-hop edits and my own dancehall remixes. Join i to get the last traces of winter-shit out of your system and just be beautiful”.

So get ready to celebrate springtime sexiness by listening to Martin’s favourite track of today and please spread the word about our day club revolution!

See you at lunch!

Finally a Workday Disco!

25 Mar

This Monday we where happy to notice Stockholm covered with a picture of our dancing community. Wow you look beautiful! The article in City propose us to provide “stress-releasing dance for hipsters”.  Well, yes that might just be it. We hope you to come find out what kind of effect furious day clubbin has on you at our next event the 19th of April.

With love & hopes for a week end in the sun / Molly

#5 – Lost Dance Legends

8 Mar

March 23 Lunch Beat #5 takes place in Stockholm and Malmö.

The mixtape is made by the P3 Dance legend Calle Dernulf. He is a man with a serious music addiction and as a pre-teen he used to save every penny to be able to by a single a week. He has been working with radio since late 80’s, the last twenty years with Sveriges Radio P3.

What have you been thinking to be able to create a great lunch club mix?

Ah that’s a tough one since i haven’t been to Lunch Beat myself. But I like when things happen and don’t get too boring so hopefully it’ll be diverse and include various moods.

What can we expect from your mixtape?

Some great house, techno and things inbetween. One of my favourites right now is Julio Bashmore’s – Battle for middle you. It has a bit of 90’s rave nostalgia and makes it sound like the way forward with a deep bassline and a great melody. That’s me on the melodic tip.

When it comes to the rougher technosounds I kinda like this one as well as the Sydenham track with more focus on the drums.  So hopefully this explains that it’s gonna be a bit of everything happening, from the melodic to the more banging stuff.

Please RSVP on FB for the events in Stockholm or Malmö.

Thank you for making magic happen! /M & M

May I Malmö?

14 Feb

Finally Lunch Beat is coming to Malmö!
The event will take place simultaneously with the Stockholm Session #4 and participants will be able to dance to the same beats in both cities, created by Dj Daniel Odelstad.

After meeting him to get him to tell what he is planning for the first of the three Lunch Beat Spring Sessions, the impression that lasts is a lot of laughter. He is one happy guy and for his mix This Tronic Life a lot of happiness sure is to be expected.

> Lunch Beat Malmö – This Tronic Life will take place on the 22th of February at a location soon to be announced.

> The time is 12-13 sharp.

> Bring a friend, 60SEK in cash and a hunger for recklessness day clubbin’.

> Please BE HONEST in your RSVP on FB status since we buy lunch for you if you say you’ll be there.

With love / M & M

#4 – This Tronic Life

1 Feb

After meeting Daniel Odelstad to get him to tell what he is planning for the first of the three Lunch Beat Spring Sessions, the impression that lasts is a lot of laughter.  He is one happy guy and for his mix This Tronic Life a lot of happiness sure is to be expected.

”I want people to feel euphoria when dancing to my music.”

So what does he actually mean when referring to ”my music”?

”Well, I guess you are welcome to meet me at the point when indie brakes down and transforms into electro house. My ambition is that the people attending shall be crying of happiness and be so sweaty they all have to get new shirts”.

To prepare for his set he suggests you to eat a lot of pasta and listens to his favorite track for now; Distance of the Modern Hearts by Kamp!

Lunch Beat #4 – This Tronic Life will take place on the 22th of February at Brunnsgatan 4 at the basement theater with the same name.

  • The time is 12-13 sharp.
  • Bring a friend, 60SEK in cash and a hunger for recklessness day clubbin’.
  • Please RSVP on FB to be sure we prepare a lunch meal for you too.

Happy for you attention, see you at lunch!/m.

I hear you are busy

31 Jan

In an attempt to hear you out concerning the randomness in the event dates, we are now happy to announce the dates for the next 3 Lunch Beat sessions. So please, draw a phat speaker box in your calendars on the following dates:

February 22 DJ: Daniel Odelstad [This Tronic Life]

March 23 DJ: Calle Dernulf  [Lost Dance Legends]

April 19 DJ: Martin Johan-Lo [A B-boys broken Story]

Maj 24 DJ: Tony is Das [Harder than Average]

And as always – stay connected via Facebook to get information on locations and other details.

Looking forward to dance with you while spring is taking over town!